• PLS 480 Combined point and line laser tool
  • PLS 3 Green Beam
  • PLS 3 Red Beam
  • PLS 180 Red Beam
  • PLS 180 Green Beam
  • PLS 3 Red Beam
  • PLS 3 Green Beam

Which laser is right for your job?

PLS Point Laser
Transferring plumb and square points is basic to most layout tasks. Our PLS 3 and PLS 5 provide bright, portable and reliable points of reference.
PLS Continuous Line Laser
Snapping chalk lines for critical vertical and horizontal benchmarks is made easy with our PLS 180, PLS 4 and HVL 100. Indoor and outdoor layout in the palm of your hand.
PLS Rotary Laser
For longer layout tasks outdoors, or for demanding interior acoustic or drywall installations, our HVR, HLE or HR Rotaries offer the accuracy, durability and accessories you need to get the job done fast.

Welcome to Pacific Laser Systems

Every contractor has basic alignment tasks to perform on the job site. No project can be completed without a layout of the work, installation of material and quality control. Each of these functions is accomplished by determining plumb, level, and square reference.

PLS laser tools were developed to give contractors the ability to transfer critical layout reference lines and points for any job site task. All PLS laser tools are self-leveling, compact and offer durable laser alignment. Our lasers provide bright, crisp reference points and lines, for quick and accurate layout.

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